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The Game of Life, curveballs and cracking on!

The Game of Life, curveballs and cracking on!

Game of Life, curveballs and cracking on!

Game of Life, curveballs and cracking on!

Have you ever been thrown a ‘curveball’?

I’ve had a few in my time.

I’m sure you have too.

You know the thing that throws you off course and stops you doing what you planned to do.

Sometimes even makes that goal you set yourself seem totally unachievable.


The difference for me these days is I’ve learnt some great stuff over the last 10 years or so which supports me on a daily basis as I navigate my way through this game of life.


From taming my gremlin*, to beating procrastination with a capital P, to techniques like re-aligning goals.

Goals don’t have to be set in stone because people and situations change.

Realising you have a choice, appreciating it may be your reaction to a given situation, issue or challenge rather than the situation, issue or challenge itself that is causing you concern.

I been know to eat frogs*  – not as unappetising as it sounds I promise!

I challenge the voice that stops me.

When I find myself in a situation that is out of my comfort zone I ‘feel the fear & do it anyway’.

I’ve become more emotionally intelligent too.


Another thing I’ve learnt to value is the importance of allowing myself time and space to think.

All too important to remember, but often easily forgotten or overlooked in the busyness of life and business.

I’ve taken some time out to do that recently and now . . .

Well, now,  I’m cracking on!


Cracking on with the grand plan is my plan for the second half of 2016.

How about you?


Just before I step up to the mark and hit that curveball out of the park I’ll leave you with a wise quote from James Allen and a question.


You cannot change your thoughts without changing your life in the process – – either for good or for bad.  Immerse yourself in the right thoughts and you will become the person you long to be.”         


So who do you want to be?

What’s your journey going to be through this game of life for the rest of this year and beyond?

And, importantly,  when will you start?


Finally and inspired by the words I woke up to this morning from Simon Sinek, the author of Start with Why . . .


Life is not a competition, it’s a game.

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about all the fun we can have before it ends.


Till next time …





*Taming Your Gremlin

*Eating frogs ~ Buon Appetito!


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