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Are you paying attention?

Are you paying attention?


Well, something came to mind today and do you know what?

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

But hang on a minute I’ve heard this before, haven’t I?

Thinking about it I’ve read about it too. And didn’t I …?

How many times does this happen?

You must have experienced it too?

The feather, the brick and the truck is what I’m writing about.

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This is something I share with clients and they usually say “Ahh, I get it now!”

If you’ve not come across the concept of ‘The Feather, the Brick and the Truck’ before let me explain.



The universe has a way of constantly sending us messages in one guise or another to help us on our journey through life and to help make life easier (well, easier … ish).

The thing is sometimes we notice and acknowledge these messages straight away, other times they have to give us a nudge and sometimes a real loud Hello! type of wake up call.

Let me explain a little further …

The feather is the first message we get.  It’s like a bit like a gentle reminder.  A nudge, if you like.  Or a push in a particular direction.

It could be someone mentions something to you and then another person tells you about the same thing and then another or you notice something else related.

You think you should pay attention, but you don’t actually do anything about it.

It could be anything that keeps attracting your attention.  You get the idea?

This message comes to you as the feather.

So what sometimes happens when we don’t ‘listen’ to that feather?

We get the brick.

As you might imagine not quite so gentle as the feather.

An example of the brick might be significant changes in your business, your job, a relationship or your health.

You ignored the ‘feather’ type message and now you’re getting the ‘brick’ messages . . . are you getting this gist of all this?

Sound familiar?


Now, if you’re still not paying attention to the brick then that’s when you get the truck.

The ‘truck’ is the massive shift to your life – perhaps something really significant.

Loss of a major client or even your business, loss a job, a relationship, loss of a loved one … and all of a sudden you find yourself forced to make massive changes and take big decisions.


So the moral of the story is to listen to the messages you get from the universe.

Especially listen to the feathers then you won’t get hit by the brick or, more importantly, the truck!


If you’ve listened to your feather, brick or even your truck and need to make some changes or take a big decision you may want some help.

Over the years I’ve had to make some significant decisions of my own including the ones that led to successfully exiting from two business and finding a way forward after a major fire.

I’ve worked with a broad range of clients who have had to make changes and take some big decisions too and I know it can sometimes feel ‘lonely at the top’ when you’re in that position.

Seeking out an impartial sounding board, a confident if you like, or critical friend could be what you need.

It could be just the thing to help you go further, faster in 2017.


If you think I can help get in touch for a no obligation chat.

It’s time to talk 

Best wishes




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