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Business Consultancy

Business or management consultants may be employed by a client for a number of reasons, over varying timescales and in different ways.

These may be:

  • To provide a strategic overview of the position of the organisation in its marketplace or environment and then to recommend mid to long term strategic direction.
  • To provide an independent review of a proposed course of action or a choice of actions based on knowledge of how such decisions have been effected in other organisations.
  • To be a catalyst for change by recommending alterations to management processes and organisation.
  • To assist the client where he/she has a clear idea of the problems and possibly solutions but is unsure of how to get from A to B.
  • To strengthen a team or develop a team often the client and consultant will become a team themselves to develop in-house capabilities with the intention once strengthened that the in-house team will be able to carry on with the consultant.

In my experience the nature of my engagement with a client will change over time as priorities are refined and projects develop. This process is managed well so focus is kept on the project and it does not become an open-ended arrangement. Often coaching, training or mentoring become the required next steps.

My recipe for your success:

  • Is to start by spending time with you to gain a full knowledge of and understanding of your business
  • Thoroughly understand your requirements
  • Make sure we both have clear expectations about roles responsibilities costs and benefits before the assignment begins
  • Put the interest of you the client first
  • Be open and clear about my own strengths and only work within those parameters (if I can’t help you I may have someone within my well developed and trusted network who can)
  • Take an holistic approach to assignments with a client to assist economies of scale