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Brexit: SME business advice and help

Brexit: SME business advice and help

Like most of us I don’t have all the answers as to what the future holds.

What I do have through Star Connections is a network of trusted advisers who can help you and work with you in areas my specialisms may not reach.

Having sound advice is important to you and your business and it’s not always the easiest thing to find!

Until all becomes clear once the final Brexit deal is known I don’t have any specific answers for you, but some of the things you may want to consider include:

  • Import and export of goods and services to and from EU countries including associated  VAT payments and (potentially) custom and excise duties
  • Your people and employment
  • Transport and logistics
  • Product safety including packaging and labelling
  • Intellectual property, copyright, trademarks and patents
  • Transfer and flow of data
  • Accounting
  • Technology









If you need some help navigating through all this get in touch. 

If I don’t have an immediate answer for your query or problem or the resources you require I can call on this through my trusted network acquired through many years in business. 

Give me a call 

A Conversation with Deborah could be just what you need!

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