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Many of us will have a significant date in our year that prompts some reflection and maybe some planning. 

This could be New Year of course, or your birthday (especially if it’s a significant one), or a major life change, or a change in your business or career direction, any number of things. 

With October as the nights start to draw in, there’s a nip in the air as you set about your day, the leaves begin to fall, the heating goes on, your December diary begins to fill up with all things Christmas . . . that’s when I have one of those significant dates. 

It’s October 4th, that’s the date that always stands out for me.


This is the day my boys were born and I know it’s just 12 weeks short weeks to Christmas with another year hot on its heels! 


I remember so clearly as it was the first time we took them on holiday.  We had gone away for Christmas for years, but this time was very different.  This time we were four not two.  This time felt like a logistical nightmare holidaying with 12 week old twins!

Indeed it certainly took some planning, but it’s funny when you look back at what seemed such a challenge at the time really wasn’t that difficult.  It’s just the unknown that can make it so.

That’s a personal story of course, but it’s no different for anything really.  

Can you think of a time when you thought something was going to be hard? 

Then, when you look back you can see it wasn’t really so?  

Some time to think, plan and prepare will make the most challenging things easier.

With more than 10 years experience of working with people (mostly business owners, but last time I checked they were people too!) I’ve seen the trends come and go and with more years business experience I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

When you strip it all back the process is really quite simple.

The challenge is, people are not so.

My approach to a personal challenge it not that different to how I approach a business challenge. 

The programme* I’ve developed over the last few years, which has been shaped by feedback from my clients, does exactly what it says on the tin . . . it helps you go further, faster!

You take the full blown programme and work with me or you can go it alone with some simple to follow instructions.

Contact me to find out more.

Taking some time out to reflect, plan and prepare has so much value.

When was the last time you did this? 



So, if you want to get your ducks in a row and make of 2019 all you want, the time to start NOW!

Did you know? 

I added a new service to my portfolio at the start of the year which you may have read about Conversations with Deborah

I developed this service for those who prefer to dip in and out or have a one off session rather than signing up to my full programme. 

This has been used by a range of clients to:

  • facilitate introductions
  • access to services and funding that have been proving hard to find
  • to focus on a specific project or challenge
  • to get some clarity on something specific
  • networking strategy
  • time audit
  • a confidence boost ahead of a presentation, performance or personal challenge
  • a strategy session  

The conversation is up to you! 

If this is something you would be interested in do Get in Touch 

A conversation with Deborah could be just what you need! 

Here’s what one client has to say . . . 


*This programme is suitable for business owners, MD’s, senior managers and anyone responsible for a team.

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